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Welcome to the Delphi Decision Aid!

Delphi is a data-gathering tool to aid in the anonymous survey of expert judgments, obtained in a series of rounds, ultimately for forecasting purposes. This can have (but is not limited to) the following applications:

  • New product forecasts
  • Personnel selection
  • Estimating the effect of a change in a marketing program
  • Predicting outcomes in conflict situations
Delphi is designed only for use with questions that yield either rankings or quantitative estimates.

This site helps you to:

  • Select experts
  • Develop questions and scales
  • Obtain responses from the experts
  • Summarize a report after each round
It also allows access to relevant literature including, in some cases, full-text articles.

If you wish to administer a session, please create a new administrator account.

 Program development

This Delphi program was developed by J. Scott Armstrong and was funded in part by the International Institute of Forecasters.